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streamlined housing solutions

We know matching the right tenant to the right property can be a headache for landlords. agents, housing organisations, and the tenants themselves.

We provide services to Landlords, Landlords Agents, Housing Organisations, and Tenants that match landlords with properties for rent, with organisations who have tenants they need to house, and tenants looking for homes.

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landlords / Landlord's agent

helping you find the ideal tenant

Whether ou are, or you represent, a property owner who leases or rents residential or commercial spaces to tenants, our streamlined tenant search process will save you time, minimize vacancies, and find reliable tenants. 

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Housing Organisation

providing tailored property matches for your tenants

You seek optimal properties to house your tenants and meet their needs and preferences. Housing organisations trust us to provide property matches that meet the unique needs of their tenants.


simplifying your home search

You are looking for a suitable and comfortable property that caters to your needs and preferences to rent and call home. Make searching for your dream home easy and stress-free. You can rely on us to simplify your home search and help you easily find your dream home.

Our company is founded on a passion for simplifying and streamlining the housing experience for everyone involved.

why choose us?

nationwide reach

Benefit from our extensive network and nationwide reach to match tenants with the perfect home wherever you are.

Streamlined Process

Our expertise and contacts simplify the entire housing journey, saving you time and effort.

Clear Communication Channels

We provide clear and efficient communication channels to address any concerns or issues you may have.

"SPG are a brilliant agency who have housed a number of our clients, both under and over 35 years of age, and capped and not capped!"
Council Housing Adviser
"Strategic Property Group made the tenant search process seamless and efficient. Their expertise and personalized approach are unmatched!"
Peter Renaulds
Landlords Agent
"I found my dream home with Strategic Property Group. They simplified the search, and their team was always responsive and helpful."
Emily Johnson


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