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You are an estate agent, letting agent, or land and commercial agent. You’d like a business partner who will work with you to help match your motivated vendors with hungry buyers and sell or rent your properties. But you’re worried that such a partnership might affect your financial arrangements and your relationship with your clients.

We get it. We understand your concerns. But we believe we can work with you to our mutual benefit without detrimentally affecting your finances or client relationships.

The ESTATE AGENT Challenge

every issue is an opportunity

As an estate agent, you face a multitude of different scenarios we can help with.

From properties listed for a long time and not moving despite price reductions, to properties with structural issues, or those falling into a state of disrepair; properties with sitting tenants, those having probate issues, and everything in between, we can implement strategies to help.

A sales chain can frequently collapse because buyers at the beginning of the chain pull out or can’t arrange finance; we can step in with strategies to solve these issues and save the chain.

If a property needs refurbishment, our investment buyers can buy the property, earning you a sales fee. Once the refurbishment is done, you then remarket the property for sale at a higher price, earning another sales fee on completion.  One property, two fees.  We call that a win-win!

the letting agent challenge

share the load - grow your business

As a letting agent, you can’t guarantee rent, can’t guarantee there won’t be costly voids between lets, and can’t guarantee the property will be properly serviced and maintained. You’re spending every waking hour trying to service your stock and deal with tenant issues. You’re exhausted, you’ve no time to grow your business, and your landlords aren’t happy.

We can help with that.

We, or our investor, will fully manage the property on your behalf, leaving you to focus on growing your book. You maintain your relationship with the landlord and the fees you’ve agreed with them.

By partnering with us your agency receives pre-determined guaranteed management fee income and a whole lot more repeat business.

The commercial agent challenge

it's all about contacts

We know that, as a commercial and land agent, getting projects moving can feel a little like swimming through treacle. Perhaps you don’t have sufficient interested investor contacts. Or maybe advertising costs hit frighteningly gargantuan proportions, or listings lack traction for so long they become unviable.

By working with you and on your behalf, we can help sell all types of commercial projects, from land with and without planning, to commercial to residential conversions, commercial refurb, property developments, and more.

And, of course, we make sure our partnership with you does not affect your financial agreement and relationship with your vendor.

How we work with you

A marriage of convenience

We normally start by discussing what you want to achieve and how we can help.  Then we look at your entire stock, and let you know which properties we think we can help you with. We then agree the projects you’d like us to tackle before we start work.

We have a vast pool of investor clients looking for all sorts of property including sales, lettings, commercial properties, and land. When we start working with you we bring the power of these valuable contacts to your table.

Architect holding keys at house model in office

Want to find out more?

It's good to talk

Deciding to invite us to explore working with you is taking smart action, but we can’t build a relationship without talking with you. So, we’ll need to talk.

Give us a call or drop us an email today, and we could be working with you tomorrow! You’ll find our contact details below.

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