How we work with Agents

Who you are

You are an estate agent, Letting agent, or a Land and Commercial Agent.

You are considering partnering with a service provider to help Sell or Rent your properties without your financial arrangements and relationship with the owner, your client, being affected.

What we do for you

We have access to a large pool of investor clients who are looking for all kinds of properties.

We work in partnership with motivated vendors to help you with your business without affecting your relationship with your clients.

Estate Agents

Chain Saving – most sales fall through due to the first-time buyer in the beginning of the chain, either pulling out or not being able to arrange mortgage finance. 

As a result, the whole chain collapses. 

By applying a 5-10% discount for each property in the chain and applying this cumulative
discount to the very first property, we have investors waiting to buy the first property, thus saving the chain

We can help with a whole host of property scenarios including:

  • Listed for sale & rent
  • Listed for a long time
  • Still no sale despite Vendor price reductions
  • Would make a great HMO
  • Would make a great SA
  • Listed with multiple agents
  • Empty and falling into a state of disrepair
  • Structural problems
  • In probate
  • Sitting tenants
  • Short leases
  • Subsidence issues
  • With planning permission increasing value
  • Partially refurbished or an incomplete build
  • licensed HMO
  • Opportunity to convert to flats
  • Extension potential
  • Converted to flats on one Title
  • Below Market Value
  • Needing modernisation or refurbishment
  • Land with or without planning
  • Blocks of flats
  • Garages for conversion to flats

Double bubble

Do you have properties requiring modernisation or refurb?

If our investment buyer, purchases a property needing modernisation or refurb, you’ll earn a fee from the initial sale. 

The property can then be remarketed for sale through your agency, earning another higher fee. 

That’s two sets of fees for each property!

We can help you sell all of these types of properties quickly and you still keep your commission!

Letting Agents

Do you like the idea of long-term corporate lets with guaranteed rent and no voids for your landlords, with your agency maintaining your relationship and the fees you’ve agreed with the landlord.

If your agency has taken on a property with full management we, or our investor, will fully manage the property on your behalf at no cost.

You continue to take your fees without the need to manage the property.

And, because you’re not managing the stock we take on, or dealing with related tenant issues, you can focus your energy on acquiring further properties to manange.

Our dedicated property managers have access to handymen, builders, plumbers and electricians; all minor work is taken care of and paid for by us or the investor, and we ensure professional and regular cleaning throughout the tenancy.

By partnering with us you agency is set to receive guaranteed management fee income, pre-determined for several years, and a whole lot more repeat business.

Double bubble

Not only do you charge the landlord, if the property is used as an HMO we can instruct your agency to manage these tenants and you receive a second management fee.

We or our investor may even buy the property,  meaning your sales operation also keeps the commission charged to the seller.

Commercial Agents

We can sell all types of commercial projects, including:

  • Land with and without planning
  • Commercial to Residential conversions
  • Developments
  • Warehouses
  • Pubs
  • Nurseries
  • Nursing
  • homes
  • Care homes
  • Commercial
  • refurb to commercial
  • Garages into flats
  • mixed use
As for estate agents and letting agents, we work with you and on your behalf so your financial
agreement with the vendor is unaffected.

How we work with you

We normally take a look at your entire stock and let you know which properties we think we can help you with. 

As a rule of thumb, we generally find around 25% of a branches book suitable .

Want to find out more?

Contact us today, and we could be working with you and selling or renting your properties tomorrow!