How we work with Property Sourcers

Who you are

You’re a Property sourcer, also popularly known as a broker, trader or dealer.

You have some great property deals, but maybe you’re struggling to make a sale or complete a deal…and you probably think we can’t work together.

If this sounds like you, read on, because we can work together, and we can help!

What we do for you

Okay, we have to say from the get-go that we’re pretty picky about the deals we take on. 

We carry out extensive due diligence on every deal and, if a deal doesn’t stack up financially, we’ll likely reject it but, if we think the deal is solid we then market it to our suite of investor databases.

And that currently amounts to around 250 thousand investors!

If any deal we take on is successful, you’ll still earn from that deal.

How we work with you

After you send us the property deals, we’ll analyse them and conduct due diligence.

If all the numbers stack up, we market to our investor databases,  and we handle all enquiries, freeing up your time to find your next deal. 

If you have deals that don’t work for you, or junk leads (leads you haven’t been able to sell, or that don’t fit with your strategy), pass the details to us and we’ll try to restructure them to work as deals. 

Want to find out more?

Why not give some thought to what we have on offer and, if you want to talk about partnering with us, please give us a call or drop us a mail.